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Danville First
Elect Elsherbini
Danville Town Council 2020
Aiming for safety and sustainability. We understand your concerns, and we are confident to evolve towards a better Danville


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Our vision; a safe, sustainable and stable Danville

As a resident of Danville for over twenty years, I am proud to be running for Danville Town Council Member. I am the founder of my own company for the last 33 years. I have had the opportunity to travel the world and collaborate with many prominent people globally. I feel my charisma and professionalism will allow Danville residents and town members feel comfortable interacting with me. I feel confident we can work towards responsible growth that will benefit our community.

I have actively served our community with the utmost level of professionalism and enthusiasm. I have served as an ambassador for the Danville Chamber of Commerce. In support of local and national causes, I have been involved in many charity events, from the American Heart Association, to the LPGA Golf tournament and a guest speaker on several occasions at the University of California, Davis and the Rotary Club.

My pride and joy are my incredible twin daughters and beautiful wife. My daughters both attended Monte Vista High School and graduated from the University of California, Davis. I have a passion for cooking and use inspiration from European and Mediterranean cuisine.

My principle of conscientiousness and commitment to serve you and our community will help us work together for the ongoing development and betterment of our town. I plan to be a vocal advocate to support Local Small Business, Safety  initiatives through the Danville Police Department, and Economic Growth. I am asking for your vote for Danville Town Council Member.

United we stand, divided we fall - Patrick Henry

Economic growth and safety

Long-term economic stability and the security of the people is essential, to achieve that we will manoeuvre our way to make the decisions which are beneficial for the people of Danville. We strive to make Danville resolute and successful when it comes to security and economy.

Safe spaces and parks

The life of a town is the parks; we will achieve a place in Danville where our people gather to walk, jog, talk and more. A safe and secure neighbourhood for you, your children and your pets, together we will establish a sparkling and defended community.

Environmental sustainability

Restoration of the environment and improving the visible greenery is crucial to boost the morale of the citizens and prove that our concern; is not just the people, it is the land of Danville as well. A healthy and sustainable environment to grow and raise your kids in.

Supporting local services

Support starts within; we aim to support our local schools, police departments, governments and small businesses by assisting with their needs, creating a unity in the community of Danville is the base to the prosperity of own town.

Message from Mohamed Elsherbini
Where Danville Comes First!


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